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Emiko Agatsuma


我妻 恵美子

Butoh Dancer, Choreographer and Director



  • 【Online】Emiko Agatsuma Butoh Workshop  / 【オンライン】我妻恵美子 舞踏ワークショップ
    【Online】Emiko Agatsuma Butoh Workshop  / 【オンライン】我妻恵美子 舞踏ワークショップ
    Zoom Butoh Workshop Emiko Agatsuma
    Jan 10, 2022, 8:00 PM GMT+9 – Dec 31, 2023, 9:00 PM GMT+9
    Zoom Butoh Workshop Emiko Agatsuma
    Butoh workshop via Zoom. It is conducted in English and Japanese. 我妻恵美子によるZoomオンラインの舞踏ワークショップです。日本語ですが、状況により英語を交えて行われます。初心者向けです。
  • AGAXART 舞踏ワークショップ 【In person】Butoh Workshop Tokyo 2023
    AGAXART 舞踏ワークショップ 【In person】Butoh Workshop Tokyo 2023
    Jan 22, 7:00 PM GMT+9 – Dec 31, 7:00 PM GMT+9
    石神井公園, 3 Chome-23 Shakujiimachi, Nerima City, Tokyo 177-0041, Japan
    定期的に開催する対面での舞踏ワークショップです。初心者歓迎。ダンスや表現、運動の経験が無くても問題ありません。どなたでもご参加頂けます。講師:我妻恵美子、塩谷智司 In person Butoh Workshop for all levels by Butoh dancers, Emiko Agatusma and Tomoshi Shioya.
  • 北斎漫画舞踏ワークショップ
    Sep 06, 6:30 PM – Sep 27, 8:30 PM
    すみだ生涯学習センター, 2-chōme-38-7 Higashimukōjima, Sumida City, Tokyo 131-0032, Japan
    舞踏で想像力解放!北斎漫画の世界で踊りを楽しもう。 自分の体を水の入った袋とイメージして動いてみる独特なトレーニングで新たな体験を。初心者歓迎、運動不足でちょっと体を動かしたいと思っている方でも楽しめます。ダンスが苦手でも自分のペースでリラックスしながら頭と体を柔らかくしていきます。4回連続参加をおすすめしますが1回のみもOK。希望者は11月の舞踏公演「おどる湯」へ参加可能! 講師|我妻恵美子、塩谷智司 日時|2023/9/6 (水)、13 (水)、20 (水) 、27 (水) 各回 18:30~20:30 会場|すみだ生涯学習センター(ユートリヤ)
  • 塩谷智司舞踏ワークショップ・蟠龍寺
    Oct 08, 2:30 PM – 8:30 PM
    蟠龍寺, 3-chōme-4-4 Shimomeguro, Meguro City, Tokyo 153-0064, Japan
    塩谷智司による舞踏ワークショップを蟠龍寺で開催します。Tomoshi Shioya holds Butoh workshop at Vanryu-ji temple, Meguro, Tokyo.
  • 舞踏公演「おどる湯」 |  Butoh Performance "Dancing SENTO"
    舞踏公演「おどる湯」 |  Butoh Performance "Dancing SENTO"
    Sumida City
    Nov 10, 7:00 PM – Nov 12, 8:00 PM
    Sumida City, 3-chōme-22-10 Higashimukōjima, Sumida City, Tokyo 131-0032, Japan
    舞踏公演「おどる湯」は『北斎漫画』と現代すみだを融合させ、旧工場で踊る斬新なエンターテインメントです。今年のテーマは銭湯。地元の皆様のご協力のもと創作しました。舞踏家の我妻恵美子がすみだの日常をリサーチし、そこから湧き上がる魅力的な世界を創出。大野慎矢による「おどる湯」の為の音楽や宇宙軒明星とプリンス王子による作中オリジナル江州音頭「隅田川」、美術家の大漁舟隆之による舞台美術も見どころです。 2023/11/10(金)~12(日)会場:北條工務店となり■ 演出・出演:我妻恵美子 音楽・演奏:大野慎矢 作中オリジナル江州音頭「隅田川」:唄:宇宙軒明星、演奏:プリンス王子 舞台美術:大漁舟隆之


Boost Your Creativity!


See invisible things, hear inner voices and research a local history that was almost forgotten. 


 AGAXART provides opportunities to face the inner world, which is difficult to express in language, and to discover diverse forms of expression .with the body manipulation techniques of Butoh as its main focus.

Through workshops, performances, and events, we value dialogue and diversity of mind, and provide an environment where participants can express their own feelings and thoughts.

Through fieldwork, we create unique Butoh works, actively engage in exchanges with different cultures, and work to increase interest in local resources.

We also emphasize communication with the communities in which we work, and offer Butoh works through physical expression born of experience and imagination.

​edited by Ai katoh

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Artist Statement

My hometown was hard hit by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. I was struck by a strong sense of despondency, but I noticed the regenerative power that grows gradually by helping each other. I didn't speak so much when I went there as a volunteer, but I strongly felt their emotion (sadness, anger, regret, loneliness, hopelessness, hope, etc.) that is not to be talked about.


Since then, my working process has changed. I started thinking body experience is more important than knowledge. I want to explore primitive movements in our body that are before languages.


In 1999, I met Butoh and was shocked by the method "invites an image into an empty body and the body is moved by it ". Butoh, born in the 1960s, was driven by a sense of inferiority toward Western culture and doubts about existing values, and succeeded in creating a new expression by looking at Japanese culture. I include the meaning of "erase personal limitation" in the white makeup, moreover, expand the possibility by eliminating the ego.

​By being an empty body, I can dance like a baby who doesn't have any language and prejudice.


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