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Boost Your Creativity!

AGAXART is a production team that creates innovative Butoh experiences.

Explore the interaction among body, mind and soul.

See invisible things, hear inner voices and resarch a local history that was almost forgotten.


AGAXART provides opportunities to face the inner world, which is difficult to express in language, and to discover diverse forms of expression with the body manipulation techniques of Butoh as its main focus. Through workshops, performances, and events, we value dialogue and diversity of mind, and provide an environment where participants can express their own feelings and thoughts. Through fieldwork, we create unique Butoh works, actively engage in exchanges with different cultures, and work to increase interest in local resources. We also emphasize communication with the communities in which we work, and offer Butoh works through physical expression born of experience and imagination.


AGAXART aims to create a world where people respect each other's culture, individuality, and soul through physical dialogue. By rethinking everyday life from a new perspective through Butoh, we provide a rich artistic experience that resonates with people and serves to deepen the connection between art and society.
Butoh is not a mere form, but involves consideration and imagination, and is deeply connected to the unconscious. We are able to trust each other without words. By developing this philosophy of the body, we will ask and explore the way we live in the modern world.

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